Truth in Campaigning

DATELINE SPRINGFIELD–  Even though we are still three years away from the next Illinois Governor’s Election, potential candidates are already testing the waters with a more contemporary way of marketing themselves to voters.

Citing the long and sordid list of corruption and convictions in state politics, Governor Pat Quinn and Republican Bill Brady are researching, as some are calling it, ‘Truth in Campaigning’.

Earlier in the week the Incumbent Governor issued a press release on his web-site stating that, “Although infractions are full expected of my Office, I promise that if re-elected, all my crimes will be misdemeanors and my scandals petty matters of indiscretion and personal moral failings”.

Meanwhile, the Brady camp is said to be market-testing some new television ads in which the gubernatorial hopeful states: “I vow that all the grift, shady dealings, and strong-arm machine-politics of my term will be, ultimately, for the good of state of Illinois and the people who work and live here.”

Word on the street is that, although voters do appreciate the new, full disclosure of the candidates, most feel it is time to stop voting for Crooked Democrats and Crooked Republicans, and start voting for some Crooked Independents.

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