Let Lying Dogs Sleep

Today’s Writing Group exercise: Your dog wakes you from sleep in the middle of the night, barking at the front door, at someone or something outside. What do you find when you investigate?

roxyYou do not know my dog very well. If she is barking at night, it means there might be a rabbit in the yard. Granted, it always seems to be the same rabbit, and yes it does seem to be taunting the dog. The rabbit will sit in the yard, perfectly still, seeming to stare at the dog through its sideways glance. Plus, I have never before seen a rabbit that can smirk.

Fireworks and rainstorms also freak her out– luckily the fireworks are limited to certain holidays, sporting events, general elections, visits from the Easter Bunny, tooth faerie or Santa Klaus, a kids good report card, a family celebration or event or commemoration or dinner together, an especially good rerun of the Simpsons on TV, or just to break up the general monotony of people being able to sleep at night.

And the storm has to be pretty severe, or at least highlighted with thunder or lightening, or be a heavy noisy splattering of water on the roof, or sometimes a light drizzle will do it, or if the weatherman might accidentally say the word ‘rain‘, or if someone down the block happens to be running a bath.

If it were to be, when  I opened the door and saw a person standing there, staring in, it would probably shake me out of my shoes. But, the dog, I don’t think would be afraid or get nervous, not if there was any slim chance of this stranger scratching her belly, or offering her a bit of food.

© Robert Emmett McWhorter

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