after wandering the desert forty years seeking medical attention…

In 1974 Richard Nixon (yes, that Richard Nixon) saw the need for Healthcare Reform. He saw the rising costs of medical care and the propensity for abuse and greed from the Insurance companies.

He proposed a plan similar to Obamacare- except it would be labeled by some as more ‘socialist’. The Nixon plan expanded Medicare to anyone and everyone, and also established State-Run Insurance Programs, where Obamacare still gives the business to private insurance companies (free market, private industry.)

When an uninsured American needs medical care or winds up in the hospital and is unable to pay, who do you think foots that bill? We do. You do, I do. It means higher medical costs, insurance premiums and taxes; as the hospitals, clinics, insurers, doctors and care providers attempt to recoup their loss.

Is this the plan you prefer?

For well over forty years this country,  the citizens and even our politicians have recognized a need for a change. It’s not a matter of the government becoming a babysitter so we no longer take care of ourselves, it is a matter of us standing together against an industry; the corporations and companies that have been gouging us, extorting our savings, and leaving us defenseless to fight, because individually we have no teeth against this Machine.

Very, very rarely in the last half century would you hear anyone defend the plan in place, or rather- lack of a plan. There weren’t many who would jump to defend the insurance industry’s greed or the practices of pharmaceutical manufacturers. It was generally understood across the board; we were being bent over by these institutions, and were powerless to do anything about it.

Finally, we have a defense. At long last a plan is put in place, and while it may not be perfect and may need adjusting and revision, it is a plan we have been waiting for, fighting for, and shouting for as long as I have been alive.

And it is very interesting to hear this argument come into play , that ‘we don’t need it, we don’t want it’. Ten years ago this would have attracted curious looks, and give people a reason to question your sanity and grasp on reality.

If you want to remain on that side, defending the practices of the greedy powers that have been sticking as many hands in our pockets as they can possibly fit; until one day they decides you have nothing left to offer, and dismisses you with a ‘preexisting condition’; I can’t stop you, and it is well within your rights. But please be aware, and honest about who you are actually supporting, defending and rooting for.

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