Notice of Scheduled Termination

EMPLOYEE: United States Congress #113 

REASON FOR DISMISSAL/TERMINATION: Unexcused Absence. No Call, No Show.
TERMS: No severance, no reference.
REMEMBER: Congress works for US! They are elected by US! And paid by OUR TAXES, and are expected to represent OUR INTERESTS!
Did any one of us permit this shut down? Did we authorize a request for vacation? Do you recall them asking for time off? Did they call in sick and at least make a half-hearted attempt to sound like they had a bad cold?
Unless congress can come up with a doctors note in the next 72 hours that explains that they were physically unable to work and also unable to notify us, we should consider this absence an Abandonment of Position, and start looking at some resumes and applications for potential candidates to replace them.

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