Revolting Thoughts

I think we’ve all heard the grumbling. It started on the fringe, little whispers from the most extreme papers and websites. But the voices are growing in numbers and becoming more brave and outspoken. As the divide between the rich and the poor grows wider, and the political divisions between left and right become more polarized, the quiet chant is becoming a battle cry, a call to arms.

Everyday our ability to fix things from the inside appears to grow incrementally more impossible. Some are saying it’s time for revolution, to burn it all down and start over.

But a Military takeover, revolt or coup rarely put anything better in place. Look at the messes in the Middle East since the ‘Arab Spring’. We have a fine Constitution in place, and we should keep it in place– or restore it, as some would say– with the Taxation Mandate, the Second Amendment, the General Welfare Clause, and all.

We were very lucky George Washington was man of the character he was. At the end of the Revolution most of the world, and many of the colonists, expected him to claim a throne; to replace the old monarchy with a new one. He disbanded his army and ceded power to the Continental Congress; this was met with disbelief when the rest of the world heard the news.

When the current Constitution was ratified and enacted, and Washington became president, most thought he would remain so for life. He stepped down after two terms, a precedent not broken until Franklin Delano Roosevelt in World War Two.

This is an exceptional case, things rarely work out this well. The French revolution ultimately led to Napoleon. And despite everything that Lenin spoke of, once the Russian Czar was dethroned and the Soviets took power, it was basically one totalitarian regime in place of another.

History retells this tale ad nauseam.

It will be a difficult road to repair from within; so many Americans disillusioned by politics, and those who do become involved are mostly caught up in the bickering between stale and meaningless alliances; red-hats are better than blue-hats, or vise versa.

It is high time we recognize that these people we repeatedly vote for and elect, to be our voice in the government and to protect our interests; with few exceptions, they are not ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’, they are not Democrats or Republicans; and they do not represent us, or in fact care about us at all. We have been divided, and unless we realize this and act, we will be conquered.

If we can get to a place where we’re not fighting one another, and recognize the real threat against us; if we can convince a majority of the population to become active in the effort; we can turn this course around, and take back our country from the powers and entities which are currently purchasing our government, and the politicians who have become little more than corporate whores. It is in their best interest to keep us distracted.

We, the people, the average American citizens, the peasants, the once middle class– our issues are not against each other, we are more the same than dissimilar. I hope we can come together and put the petty grievances aside, reclaim our solidarity and independence, and work united to take back our country. Indeed, a house divided cannot stand.

© Robert Emmett McWhorter

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