A Dozen Roses

roseA dozen pair of couplets on the ‘Rose and Violet’ theme’.  №13 makes a ‘Baker’s Dozen’, and №14 is for good luck.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
If I quote much further,
The author will sue.

Roses are Gray,
Violets are Gray.
The Doctor Just Told Me,
I’m Colorblind today.

Roses are Read,
Violets are Blew,
Be Careful of Homonyms,
Whatever You Do.

Roses are bled,
Violets are Rue,
If you drink too much,
This will happen to you.

Roses are Risen,
and Violets are vile.
It don’t make much sense,
But It sure makes Me Smile.

Roses may stink,
And Violets do smell,
But when you’re congested,
You can’t even tell.

Roses are Rose-Colored,
Violets are Violet.
A Stale Rhyme is Stale,
However You Style It.

Roses are paisley,
Violets are plaid.
I have a Concussion,
But I don’t feel so bad.

The Roses are painted,
The Rude Violet said,
If you cross the Red Queen,
It’s ‘Off with your Head!’

Roses are Particles,
Violet’s a Wave.
Whether We watch decides
How They’ll behave.

Rosebud’s a sled,
Violet Slips on a Slope.
We Search for a Meaning,
And Hold out for Hope.

Roses are Neon,
Violet’s Fluorescent,
The Globe is a Gas Ball,
And quite Incandescent.

Roses are Infrared,
Ultraviolets are Blue.
There’s only a Narrow Band
Of Light We can View.

Rosebuds are Blue
Vileness is Fat
Santa’s a Dog Fetus
Kicking a Cat

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