Live-Tweeting The End of the World

blowupHave we decided yet which Hashtag we’ll use when we Live-Tweet the End of the World?

The question was posed in one of my Writing Groups, ‘If somebody told you the world would end in seven days, how would you react?’

In my lifetime I have witnessed and survived half a dozen Raptures, the Mayan Apocalypse, Zombie Devastation, The Planetary Alignment, The Hale-Bopp and Halley’s Calamities, Dark Matter and Anti-Particle Cancellation, The Post-Nuclear End-Times Dystopia, The Magnetic Polar Reversal, The Hour of Judgement, The Global Financial Technological and Social Collapse, Quantum Wormhole Unraveling, a handful of Jeffs’ Latter-Day Tragedies and Camping’s Deseret Morning Cataclysms, The Outbreak of SARS, The Apophis, Elenin and other Cometary Collisions, The Aum Shinrikyo Armageddon, the Appearance of Maitreya, The Zeta Reticuli and Dog Star Alien Invasions and Annihilation, The Second Trumpet of Revelation and myriad Tribulations, The Hadron Collider Catastrophe, The Eleventh Insight of Secret Shambala, the Planet X Impact, The Harmonic Convergence, The Holocausts of Kaballah, Bahai and scores of other sects and religions, Nostradamus’ King of Terror, The Thawing Arctic Flood, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and similar Global Warming Doomsdays, The Cygnus Supernova and Black Hole Singularity, The foretold Second Coming and Subsequent Encores, the Mad-Cow and Bird-Flu Epidemics, Jim Jones and the Crisis at Jamestown, the Heavens Gate and Golden Dawn Predictions, the Celestine Prophesy, Millennial Terrors and of course Y2K…

I say, “Bring It On!”

And it better not be anticlimactic. We’ve invested too much and have been waiting so long , if we are disappointed there surely will be hell to pay. And no doubt we’ll expect a full refund.

©Robert Emmett McWhorter

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