Another Band to Follow

      Labrador Dali ‘Possum House’ CD 2010

Just buy a shirt
And no one here gets hurt,
But danger’s where you flirt
If you don’t have exact change.

Here’s our CD
The first one’s always free,
But make sure you talk to me
When you get itchy

Maybe she turned
The day she finally learned
That the inside
was all vacuous and hollow
She might have got a life
Or she might be someones wife
Or she might have found
Another band to follow.

She didn’t mind
When she had to stand in line
After wasting so much time
In empty bar rooms.

Winter turned to summer
We broke another drummer
But everything’s a bummer
Now that you don’t come around.

Maybe the scene
Isn’t what it’s always been,
I might have said some things
She couldn’t swallow.
Maybe she went clean
And joined with the machine,
or she might have found
Another band to follow.

Here’s our new tape
We call it the re-rape
It’s a remix of the disc
We sold you last verse.

Just sign here
For your sound man and your beer
And if the credit card clears
You’ll get an hour.

Down the bathroom stairs
For nefarious affairs
Maybe we forgot her in Ohio
Or maybe it’s too late,
She gave up and went straight
Or she might have found
Another band to follow.

© Robert Emmett McWhorter
published by Hermetic
Medical Records (ASCAP)

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