The Trudge

Labrador Dali ‘Exile on Myspace’ 2008Here I go,
I got my chip on tight
And my head down low
There’s no reason to bustle in this town
There’s nowhere to go

Its all gears and springs
We’re tugged around on puppet strings
And the man squats over us
casts his shadow down on everything

But I’m not going down again
I’m not going down again
Not again

So here I am again
Underneath the table with Frank Of Oregon
Wish I was at home with Squeaky
And my Three Essential Pens

This towns a hole
They built it on a basin
inside a toilet bowl
I let my headwound do the talking
And just threw my hot dog into the snow

Im not going down again

© Robert Emmett McWhorter
published by Hermetic
Medical Records (ASCAP)
(circa 2007)

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