Johnson & Grandparents

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A tale regaling the early hey-day, the golden age of Time Travel.

It’s tough to find a good time time-travel provider these days, someone reliable and affordable. The commercialization of the Time Line brought the usual lazy capitalists into the arena, companies that built their fortune by billing for weight and distance in years of the destination. All of known history was soon cluttered and muddled, and it is impossible anymore to discern how long this has been going on or exactly when it started.

Some will say it was a mistake for Abraham Lincoln to make such wide and lasting declarations, praising the temporal transportation industry. Some of the older citizens among us still swear they remember a version of the Gettysburg Address without many of the paragraphs about time travel. It’s no longer possible to prove one way or the other. Anyone with the latest version of LinearShop Pro can go back and redraw it for all of us to recall any way they choose.

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