The Cal Sag

calsagtrailIf you need me
I’ll be selling life insurance at the porn shop
I’ll be buying fake drugs from a bad cop
I’ll be waiting for other shoe to drop
at the sock hop

If you need me, yeah if you need me
If you need me, then I need you

But if you’re leaving
You can pack up all your memories in your pink bag
Forget them as you dump them into the Cal Sag
Tell me exactly when I became a drag
with your Red Flag

Robert Emmett Get It Together (2010)

If you’re leaving, yeah, get out if you’re leaving
If you’re leaving, I’m leaving too

So if you need me
When you’re cleaning your old corners with some new mop
and you’re sipping on a cool drink with your hot cop
and you’re looking for a way just to make it stop
Go out on top

If you’re leaving, yeah if you’re leaving
If you’re leaving, I’ll leave with you

© Robert Emmett McWhorter/
Published by Hermetic
Medical Records (ASCAP)

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