Sneak Peek: Escape from Flip Top Island

Hey kids!

Mayor Sprud sees Mt. Flip Top erupting.

Mayor Sprud sees Mt. Flip Top erupting.


I had so much fun building my Weird Party game/story that I’m already building another one.

I also learned a lot and will be applying it to this new project, which I think in the end will mean a better game and a more enjoyable experience all around.

This one will be called Escape from Flip Top Island. A volcano starts to erupt and threatens to destroy the island, maybe in a day, maybe in an hour. You and one other person has been left on the island and have to find your way out.

This one is going to be considerable bigger than the Weird Party game/story, and also I am planning this one to be more visually oriented, with drawings to be featured prominently through out to give more life to the story, and quicken the pace considerably.

That said, it is going to be a few weeks or a month before this thing is finished. But, I wanted to give folks a tease, a taste. Bare in mind this is early days, the artwork and narrative are rough. And there isn’t a whole lot you can do yet. You won’t get the copter started, and you won’t get far into the building beyond the reception desk. But, there are a few little things in there that allow a glimpse of what I’m going for, shows the potential.

So if you feel like it take a little browse around FLIP TOP ISLAND. If you have any input or feedback this is always appreciated. And we will meet back here when it is ready to unleash the finished game/story on the unsuspecting public.

If you somehow missed the Weird Party go check it out now at 


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