Ancient of Days with Tessa B. Dick

Hey folks! Just learned that this coming Monday, May 19, Tessa B Dick will be replaying her interview with me on her Ancient of Days radio show. We talked about my book, Meowing on the Answering Machine, and veered off into numerous, assorted topics– cats, Philip K Dick, aliens, linguistics…

Tune in Monday at 3 PM PST/ 6 PM EST

It was an absolute pleasure to be on the show, Tessa is one of the biggest supporters of my book, a fact that still leaves me reeling.
aRFAbannerIn other PKD related news, I have a new article on Word of the Nerd about the imminent theatrical release of Radio Free Albemuth

John Alan Simon, writer, director and producer of the film, was kind enough to sit down for a chat. We talked about making the film, our shared reverence for PKD, and of course veered off into only-slightly-related tangents. Look for the interview as we get a little closer to June 27.

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