Drag #2

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Drag #1

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Drag Number One. A little experimental comic strip. Ring! Ring! Hello? Good evening, sir! My name is Bill Sprud, I am your local representative. I wonder if you have fifteen minutes to talk about local politcal issues? Uh… yeah, sure. Hold one for just one minute…
Here you go, buddy. You go play now. I won’t be needing you for a while. Cool! See ya! Are you there, sir? Uh… Yuuuh… Oh, great! May I ask what line of work you are in? Um… Guuuug-gah… Bluuuuuuuuh… Oh! You’re a  politician too?

Hyper Drive Thru

Hyper Drive Thru

Hyper Drive Thru

Beelzebob Squarepants


Ancient Alien Roadshow

Coming this summer to The ancientalienroadshowHistory Channel… ANCIENT ALIEN ROADSHOW Giorgio: This is a primitive plasma rifle manufactured by flesh and blood extra-terrestrials. Rick: I got a buddy in town he knows everything about alien weaponry, do you mind if I give him a call? He can tell us what it’s worth…

Indigenous Editor


The Million Monkeys March


Install Your Own Flip Top Head™






One of my common themes, the Flip Top Head™, so you can take your brain out for a drag. This is part one of an extensive, easy to read guide to installing your own hinge and hasp and making the most out of the skull space by keep your mind externally.