Nine More Crosses

Something has to be done. We cannot go on like this. This is not acceptable. This is not something we can or should just shrug off and chalk up to ‘the cost of living free.

Personally I don’t have a problem with gun ownership. I’m not arguing for abolishing the Second Amendment. But, there are some people who should not have access to guns. Some people simply should not own a gun. You don’t give a drivers license to the reckless or dangerous driver. It’s just common sense.

I don’t think anyone wants to come and take away all your guns. But goddam it there has to be some sort of better regulation.

I know, I know. Criminals will always get guns. Criminals will always get heroin and cocaine and will find a way to abduct children and do evil things to people. So, should we just abandon all our laws, make everything legal and give up? Do what thou wilt?

What’s the alternative? Just shake it off again until the next time, next week? Is ‘the land of the free’ a place where we should have to arm ourselves when we go to church?