About the Author:
Writing about myself in third person


MeDark5BWRobert Emmett is a writer, artist and musician from Chicago. His stories come from the fringes of reality, sometimes conjuring a dreamy , other times a sharply focused reflection of the world around us– hilarious and spooky, absurd and authentic.

He began creating at a very early age. Drawings and Poems gave way to Song-Writing and Short Stories, and then essays, Novels and the occasional Manifesto. He spent his formative years in loud experimental rock bands and making weird art.

Three of his bands, Mosquitohead, Thunk and Labrador Dali have made their own distinguished splash in the Chicago music scene. 

In January 2014 he published Meowing on the Answering Machine, a collection of short stories and essays. In the various selection, the author creates odd but familiar worlds and fills them with a bizarre cast of characters attempting the impossible.

1meowthumbThe book has been met with critical acclaim, calling it all variations of hilarious and strange. Tessa B Dick has said it is ‘a book that Philip K Dick could have written… He definitely would have enjoyed reading [it].’

Currently Robert Emmett contributes regular writings to The Word of the Nerd and Eat, Sleep, Write.

When asked what he wishes to achieve, he says “I want to be able to write in the way Salvador Dali could paint.”


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