“Place all beverages on a flat surface, and swallow whatever you’re eating or drinking before you begin reading… you’re liable to lose it if you don’t.”
~Ted Atoka (author of Fiammetta’s Dream book 2 of the ‘Villa Paradiso’ series)

Writings and drawings by Robert Emmett/
‘The Writer Calls in sick’ 
written with P.T. Wyant
cover by Kat Mellon, edited by Katie Ritcheske
back cover photo by Sandra Schneiderman

MEOW-BACK‘Meowing on the Answering Machine’ is a collection of short fiction and prose by Robert Emmett. Forty-two short works spanning twenty years, with several drawings throughout to fill the margins and give spice to the words. From Dafne to Dangle, from food that cooks itself to the talking furniture in search of identity. From hilarious, to slightly odd, and all the way to utterly creepy. All your favorite tales from the often odd world of Robert Emmett are offered together for the very first time!

Request it at your local bookstore! Or, go to your local town hall and request that a bookstore be built and stocked with my book! Ask for it where ever people appear to be literate!

If you have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, please open your window and shout it as loud as you possible. If you have a Mister Microphone or a Karoake Machine that’s prone to squeal if you so much as look at the microphone, that much better to get the message spreading like a bad disease.

For extra credit, Please take a few minutes to review the book on Amazon and CreateSpace and wherever they permit opinions these days.

Thank you very many, void where prohibited.

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