1. Cricket Hill
                         2. The Trudge
                         3. We Got Fooled Again
                         4. Desert Still Life
                         5. 6299
                         6. Jalapeno Bridge
                         7. The Waiting Life
                         8. Good Guys & Bad GuysLABRADOR DALI  

(2009,  podcast, CD & video)

This was originally offered as a two part promo cd, the first half was music from the Chicago Acoustic Underground podcast, hosted by Michael Teach and recorded in his wonderful studio.

The second half was our entire set from The Underground Lounge on May 15, 2008 and is notable as the only time the band played their ‘Exile on Myspace’ CD in order and in its entirety.

While the production of the CAU podcast was immaculate, the band at this early point in time was not. Instead, the player on this page offers the entire set from Underground Lounge on a video playlist.


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