Selected Playlist
        Twenty Thousand Light Years From Earth
        Joey’s Blues
        Songs of Distant EarthSPINEY NORMAN • BigHuge
(1992, cassette)

The strange early days, this collection is the longer, experimental, improvisational attempts from the band in these early days.

There were a few months, maybe a year, maybe a little more. We never kept a set list, we didn’t have any songs, we never played the same thing twice.

We played incessantly, almost every day, and every day just playing ‘whatever,’ and really what we were learning was improvisation and communication within a song.

Many times it was terrible, especially early on. As we kept at it the better stuff started popping out more often and brighter every time. It was a great time, a good experiment and lesson, and the chops and queues helped build the foundation of what would become Mosquitohead.


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