Selected Playlist
        The Trudge
       Desert Still Life Labrador Dali • Exile on Myspace • BUY
(2008, 7 songs, CD & mp3)

1. Cricket Hill 3:51
2. The Trudge 2:35
3. We Got Fooled Again 2:12
4. Desert Still Life 3:09
5. 6299 3:02
6. Jalapeño Bridge 5:24

The band’s first disc. This raw collection shows some fine moments, hinting at greatness. Available at itunes, CDbaby, and anywhere people with ears shop.

After generating a quick buzz around its live shows, Labrador Dali released their first studio effort, ‘Exile on Myspace’ released March 2008, a six song CD, entirely self-recorded, produced and distributed. Five of the songs are penned by Robert Emmett, the sixth being a song written by a friend, Kevin Day of Connecticuts ‘gigglejuice’ (formerly ‘DayDrug'”).

“Exile on Myspace” is primarily rock and roll, and most of it is upbeat. Despite this there is an ominous feel over most of the disc, and strong doses of strange, dark humor.

This thing ROCKS! A very tasty little EP chock full of goodies; diverse, rich and valuable part of your well balanced breakfast!

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