1. Stir My Soul
    2. Black Helicopter
    3. Constellations
    4. Dry
    5. Monk’s Message
    6. Genepool Lifeguard*
    *This is easily the worst video ever made
    but it’s also the only video i ever made
   this took about four days to finish and i
     pretty much swore off ever trying again.
(2006, 10 songs, CD & mp3)

1. Martian Dixon 4:35
2. Along for the Ride 4:50
3. Stir My Soul 4:08
4. Fleu 4:19
5. Black Helicopter 3:29
6. Constellations 4:11
7. Monks Message 7:33
8. Dry 3:55
9. Spill 2:50
10. Genepool Lifeguard 1:49

A mostly dark collection, a few new recordings and reworked efforts. Some solid, notable efforts and a heavy helping of experimental sensibilites. Available on itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc…

10 tracks of sprawling weirdness, intertwined and tangled. Madness with a melody. Ask for it where ever you hear noises!

The wonderful cover artwork generously provided by Steve Dwyer.

This disc was been a long, long, long time in the making. Officially, I started putting it together last winter (2005); but most of the recordings had been around in varying degrees of completeness for a couple years. The basic instrumentation for the final song, ‘Genepool Lifeguard’ had been recorded back in 1997, and sat unfinished on a cassette tape until I was able to finish it, last year, digitally.

A few of the songs date back to the early 1990’s. ‘Dry’ was written for the band that became Mosquitohead, but we were never able to play it live properly. The version included here was recorded live direct to cd in ’02, just me and a beat-up acoustic guitar.

The newest track on this disc is ‘Martian Dixon’, even though it’s a remake of ‘Happy New Years from Mars’ from my Rise cd (2005). The idea at first was a sort of country-stomp version; but somehow in the process of recording, it evolved into this sort of post-modern pop anthem. I think the feel of it captures the yearning of the lyrics.

Actually, that is how this disc came to be what it is. I started with one particular idea of what I thought I wanted, and in the process of putting it together, it grew and took on a life of its own; and became something bigger, but entirely different from what I had intended. I love when that happens.

‘Monks Message’ was one such experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if i took the music from one song, and cram in the lyrics from another song. (‘The Electric Monk’ and ‘Exit Message’; both from ‘Rise’). This sprawling, indulgent, creepy song scared me when it first emerged. Everytime I tried to remix it it got a little longer; I finally had to call it ‘done’ as it was threatening to take over the world.

But, I suppose that is what my music in general is, and has always been, about. Starting with one little idea, and seeing where It will take me. Instead of trying to force my idea’s onto a guitar or onto tape, I try to let it grow on its own. Giving it plenty of room to breathe.

‘Fling’, I believe, is a fair and honest representation of me and my music at this point. As an album it has taken on a lush feeling- lots of little crevices to lose yourself in. It gets indulgent, it gets weird, it gets scary, but I think it also has fine, shining moments.

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