In The Player:
          Get Outta My Head
          They Got It Wrong
          A Door He Left Unlocked
          Demented GepettoROBERT EMMETT • Metaphor/4
(2006, 8 songs, CD)

This project was abandoned after I had a substantial amount of time invested in it. I wasn’t happy with the sound I was able to get with the software I had and especially the microphones and soundcard. It was then I invested in Pro-Tools and recorded the Surreal EP, learning and inspired by the new software and hardware.

A few songs I was able to redo for the Surreal EP on the new set up, the rest, these tracks, got shelved.

But looking at them later, there are some little gems in here, even if they are indeed a little muddy. On the opening track, Get Outta My Head, I was able to digitally reproduce the sound of a tape stretching and warping and playing at all the wrong speeds. The songs featured on this collection have a dark and murky tone, A Door He Left Unlocked was written shortly after the death of Syd Barrett. Demented Gepetto (the bane of being Keith Urban) sounds like a sad lament, but the words are actually based on an inside joke I had with a friend about her favorite country signer in reality being only a figment of her imagination.

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