Full album track:
    Hectors Theme
    Bleeding Into My Hands
    Skettie Shirt
    Neurosurgeon of Loves Malignant Vines
    Suffragette Chicken
     (bonus material)STUNT PUDDLES • Obscured By Clowns
(2003, 12 songs, CD)

“You couldn’t be such a slut 
with your mouth sewn shut!”

A strong, fun, but strange and spooky jaunt through weird Universes inhabited by odd folks trading awkward gestures, and some frothing declarations.

This was recorded in the summer and fall of 2003, mostly as experiments. I had given up the cassette four track for good, and I was finally able to find some decent software and record on the computer. The best way to learn how to use the new program and equipment, I figured, was on the fly, as I recorded a new album.

This was s really fun album to make, there were absolutely no rules, I gave myself permission to show my ‘nuts’ and get really wacky on the binary. Ten years later my only regret is I wish I had Pro-Tools at the time. But this still stands as one of my favorite displays of strange and a good a totem for my movement, ‘We Hate Music’

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