(2010, 15 songs, CD)

This was originally a promo CD featuring songs recorded at the Red Line Tap in Rogers Park, Chicago, from a variety of recent shows. Over the years the Red Line became the band’s most played venue and a second home.

Instead of simply playing a few tracks from the CD, instead here we present a similar assortment of videos from the Lab Dabs on home turf during ’09 and ’10.

Ruby’s Hornpipe/ Good Guys & Bad Guys (04.22.09)
Desert Still Life
Breaking My Fingers
Martian Dixon
The Trudge (06.03.09)
Stir My Soul
6299 (gigglejuice/ DayDrug)(02.17.10)
Along for the Ride (03.27.10)
Get It Together
Showdown (ELO)
Fearless (Pink Floyd)
Emo Bro (09.22.10)

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