In The Player:
          SpeechlessRobert Emmett • Rise BUY!
(2005, 10 songs, CD & mp3)

1. Fly 4:59
2. Happy New Years from Mars 4:26
3. Sedna (10th planet or just another chunk of rock in the sky?) 4:32
4. Raindance 3:34
5. Freezerburn 4:36
6. Slip 2:56
7. The Electric Monk 4:51
8. Speechless 3:35
9. Rise 3:53
10. Exit Message 5:06

All songs © Robert Emmett McWhorter
Published by Hermetic Medical Records (ASCAP)

First solo effort offered in wide release, beyond the small circles, friends & family, where early tapes stayed. This stands well as an album, an under-spoken thread and themes flowing throughout and between the songs. Available on itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc…

If pop music can be compared to bubble-gum, this would be the sort of gum you bite into to find a surprising, juicy center. Warm, sticky and refreshing; with a familiar taste, yet nearly impossible to place- possibly something illicit.

A strange but bouncy ride through sometimes lush and melodic landscapes, with a few dips into the underbrush to peer momentarily at musics dark foliage.

‘Rise’ is the first full length effort from Chicago singer/ songwriter Robert Emmett. The songs offered here range from quirky pop tunes- strong, catchy hooks and absurd sounding lyrics- to somber, reflective numbers that contemplate inner-personal issues; with a few instrumentals and studio experiments in between.

Cindy Smiles flyin everywhere !!

Its nice to listen to music that makes you feel good inside and puts a smile on your face when your feeling down..I love listening to this cd and have recomended it to many of my friends.
Jeanette loved it

Loved it, it puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it.
Dean Very Pleasing

Some very haunting vocals that brought back memories of some later Bob Dylan work along with several great guitar intros and Neil Young like licks leading into serverl tracks. Very pleasant background insturmentals. Definitely a very unique and pleasureable production well worth listening to.

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