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TaxidermChaz Werbenverber was the Taxidermist Laureate. The position had been created by the previous president, who had made himself famous with the number of varying pets he kept. Eventually, an executive position had to be created to deal with the eventual inevitability of dead animals that had to be dealt with, otherwise they’d pile up around the White House lawn. So Chaz had been appointed to stuff the presidents ex-pets.

The problem came about, though, with the new president. He kept no pets, so Chaz took to stuffing any animal that happened to die around the White House, birds and squirrels and such. Eventually he was saving any sort of road-kill, out-of-its-misery, or ran-into-a-window within a mile of Pennsylvania Avenue. When he was mapping out a route to collect every animal that would die within the limits of the city proper, he knew it was time to move on.

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