Black Holes (video)

Black Holes: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself

A piece from ‘Meowing On The Answering Machine: A selection of short fiction and prose’ by Robert Emmett
Audio taken from The Flabby Hoffman Radio Extravagonzo
Que 4 Radio 1680 AM Chicago – September 27, 2014
Melodica by Marc Gee
Also in attendance: Boom Boom, Mike Felton, Kristin Lundberg, Caryn Ruby (and probably others whose names are escaping me)
words and drawings and non-imation by Robert Emmett

The Bird Foley Vortex



©Robert Emmett McWhorter

This is a piece that sat unfinished for a long, long time. The pencil sketch, and pen and ink were completed in 2010, I believe, and some smatterings of color were added a little at a time. A black and white version of this work appears in Meowing on the Answering Machine.
It was such a chore to get the first parts of this done, I was still under some sort of curse that made producing any visual artworks a tedious and dreadful undertaking for a good decade or two.
That weight, that dread, has lifted, but I can’t say why or where it went. But, I’m glad it left. Most of the coloring for this piece over the last three or four days.