Self Doubt on Eat Sleep Write

Today’s installment of my writing blog on Eat, Sleep, Write. Today we talk about self doubt, sometimes called ‘Impostor Syndrome,’ an all-too-common trait in creative people.

My cameo as a criminal self-clicker

taxirobJailed Man’s YouTube Video Reaches One Million “Self-Hits” in Two Months

Check this out, I think this is pretty hilarious. My friend Mariann Simms put out a note last night, she was looking for a photo she could use in a fictional piece she was writing about a criminal in prison, she wanted someone to volunteer a picture and basically ‘play’ the criminal. I offered the pic I often use of me in NYC in the back of a taxi, taken by Sandra Schneiderman. People often mistake the taxi for the back of a police car, so I figured it would be doubly fitting.

Anyway, read the story, I think it’s absurdly wonderful, right up my alley. Follow her blog as well!