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5512587253_768845ce89_oI often use the New Year, New Years Day, as a common theme in my work. More so in songs, it’s a pretty standard symbol of change and rebirth and starting over fresh. But in reality, it’s just another day.

I think we set ourselves up for disappointment. Many use the New Year as a catalyst for change. New years resolutions are the perfect example, many make them, few follow through.

Instead of standing as symbol for change, New Year can take on an ominous feeling that we are stuck, no change is possible, might as well not try.

But this, I think in part at least, comes from applying too much power, or too much weight, to the date. Nothing is really different about today, compared to yesterday, other than the arbitrary number we have assigned to it.

Changing the calendar won’t change our lives. I think it sets many up for disappointment and an acceptance of their lot. We can change, it is possible, but it takes more than a cosmic odometer rolling over.

If I want to quit smoking once and for all I will make a plan, talk to a doctor, put some steps in place, change the way I approach some situations and thoughts.

Change is not easy, it is possible, but let’s look at it realistically. Let’s look at what steps need to be taken, let’s put a plan in place to affect some real, actual change. Let’s not leave it up to the calendar, and expect the world to be as fresh as January’s brand new page, which is, after all, just a number jotted on paper.



Robert Emmett Fling CD 2006After it rains
Im finding my way
To who I was
When it was dry
After it rains
Ill go outside

After tonight
Its starting again
To who were are
When there is light
After tonight
I’m going dry

Can you ever feel like it’s raining everywhere?
Can you fell it in the air?

What’s wrong with you?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with everything?

After it rains
Im finding my things
And getting out
While I’m Alive
I’ll try to live
I’ll go outside

After the night
We shouted it out
To who we are
When we are not
After that night
It wouldn’t dry.

© Robert Emmett McWhorter/ 
published by Hermetic Medical Records (ASCAP)
all rights reserved

Streets Turned Ugly

darkstreetWandering back onto streets I haven’t walked in years. Who was it used to talk about the streets being owned? Owned by us, ‘These are our streets!’

Somehow we have lost our title or lost control, or just walked away in disgust.

Now the reflections that peek back from dirty windows come across unfamiliar and awkward. I can imagine myself in this same spot seven years ago, looking into shop windows as I pass, catching reflections of ghosts staring back at me.

Only now I realize I was seeing pictures of myself as I would look in the future, how I look now.

These mirrors don’t recognize me anymore. They can’t compliment me anymore. I stare at myself and I feel at odds, as if I should think of something to say to my reflection.

But I can’t, it just seems useless and trite. I stand alone, trying to find a few words to offer myself. I only stare back, speechless, hollow and afraid, no longer able to face me.

© Robert Emmett McWhorter