Daylight Savings Time Cheat Code



SHHHH! daylight savings time cheat code:

Hour up, hour up, hour down, hour down, minute ahead, minute back, alarm, snooze, start.

Gives you unlimited hours, multi-ball, and all the ghosts you can eat.

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Springtime in Camelot


Ten Scenes from MEOWING

OK! This is turning into a rather large project now, here are all TEN of them. I have a few more up my sleeve still, so stay tuned.

Each of these is a scene from a story from my collection, MEOWING ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE, which is available absolutely everywhere, in paperback and ebook. Folks who have read it and still maintain the ability to communicate are giving it rave reviews! Saying things like, “This looks like a real book!” and “Stay crunchy in milk!”

All the cool kids are doing it!!! Get your copy today!!!

Drag #1

DRAGheaderdrag1-40 drag2-40drag3-40
Drag Number One. A little experimental comic strip. Ring! Ring! Hello? Good evening, sir! My name is Bill Sprud, I am your local representative. I wonder if you have fifteen minutes to talk about local politcal issues? Uh… yeah, sure. Hold one for just one minute…
Here you go, buddy. You go play now. I won’t be needing you for a while. Cool! See ya! Are you there, sir? Uh… Yuuuh… Oh, great! May I ask what line of work you are in? Um… Guuuug-gah… Bluuuuuuuuh… Oh! You’re a  politician too?

Aftermarket Mark Up

Used copy of MEOWING on Amazon for $999.11

Used copy of MEOWING on Amazon for $999.11

This is pretty funny. Having my first book newly available to the world, I have been mindful of the sites where it’s available for sale. I was bewildered and amused to see the first offering of a used copy of the book, especially when I saw the price.

Yep, you are seeing that right, this is not doctored at all I swear. Someone is asking almost a thousand dollars for a used copy of Meowing on the Answering Machine, but they assure us it is a good copy.

I’m sure it’s a typo. I’m sure the seller was still laughing too hard from reading my stories to type straight. Otherwise, I have to wonder, what all is included in the thousand dollar edition of my book? For that price, it better come with a talking couch… and free shipping!…

Ancient Alien Roadshow

Coming this summer to The ancientalienroadshowHistory Channel… ANCIENT ALIEN ROADSHOW Giorgio: This is a primitive plasma rifle manufactured by flesh and blood extra-terrestrials. Rick: I got a buddy in town he knows everything about alien weaponry, do you mind if I give him a call? He can tell us what it’s worth…

Meowing On The Answering Machine

A Collection of Short Fiction and Prose by Robert Emmett
(2014,  164 pages, Paperback & Ebook )

Robert Emmett creates odd but familiar worlds and fills them with a bizarre cast of characters attempting the impossible. His stories come from the fringes of reality, sometimes evoking a dreamlike feeling, other times a sharply focused reflection of the world around us– hilarious and spooky, absurd and authentic.

$8.50 +3.50 ship
within the US only