Interview for [redacted]

redactedI was interviewed recently by my friend Don G. Ward for a secret organization we both belong to. This is as much of the conversation as can be safely released to the public at this time.

Don G Ward: Hi, Robert. First of all, are you asleep?

Robert Emmett: I don’t believe so. I keep really weird hours. I’m mostly nocturnal. Best time to write.

DGW: Where do you live? Tell us a bit about yourself.

RE: Born in Chicago. Lived around here all my life.

I think I was exposed to Monty Python at too young an age. I heard the Beatles I Am The Walrus at about 7 or 8 years old and it completely blew my mind. It was like seeing in color for the first time. I wanted to grow up to be John Lennon after that. Played in loud weird rock bands for a long time, and I do my weird drawings too. But writing seems to be where I’m meant to be.

DGW: We have a fair a bit in common there, except Chicago. So, how did Meowing... come about?

RE: A few of those stories go back to 1990 or 1991. I wasn’t writing a book. I was just writing little stories. Learning the craft. Over the years they’ve piled up. The idea of putting together a collection of my short stories has been brewing for a good ten years probably. But I never had enough material. Or quality material. I had a good run in the last couple years and wrote a ton of new material. And so I found myself finally ready. I finally had enough good stuff to make a really solid offering I thought.

DGW: What instruments do you play, by the way?

RE: I play guitar and bass. I can fiddle around on just about anything. but really I’m more the songwriter than the musician.

DGW: And obviously Philip K. Dick is one of your influences. Who else has had an impact on you and your writing?

RE: As far as writers… Douglas Adams. Hitchhikers Guide was the first book I read and really enjoyed. Vonnegut. Something in the tone, the mood in his writing I really connect to. I read a lot of Robert Anton Wilson and Principia Discordia and that sort of stuff when I was younger. Anyone who is doing something completely different and doing it well. Salvador Dali. David Lynch. That sort. William Kotzwinkle especially The Fan Man, a book everyone be required to read. Funniest novel you can finish in a night. And literally laugh out loud.

DGW: I’ll have to look up Mr Kotzwinkle.

RE: He’s written a lot of good stuff. I think he was most famous for the novelization of E.T. But The Fan Man is brilliant. Especially if you have known or been a hippie or similar at any point in time.

DGW: Can you read your own writing and enjoy it – or do you want to constantly rewrite it?

RE: I think it depends on my mood. But it is hard to look at it objectively. And I always do find things I could have done better. But I guess that just means I’m still growing as an artist.

DGW: What do you like about the stories in Meowing?

RE: What do I like…

DGW: Yes. Sell it to us!

RE: I like that I really took my time. I didn’t rush out a collection as soon as I could fill 150 pages. These forty-two works are whittled down from about 80 I was considering. Which is out of a few hundred that will never be ready for print. I think for the most part the work is strong and original. I really don’t think there’s too many other books like this one out there.

I like that one of the most common reviews I get about it is a warning to readers that they are going to spit food or drink from laughter. I don’t know why but that makes me giggle.

DGW: And I believe that if we were to buy it from you directly you earn a lot more from it than if we ordered from Amazon? Which is important, I think.

RE: Absolutely. And people do ask us little guys to sign our books. Buying it right from my site I make it part of the package.

DGW: And of course [redacted] members would get a very personalized dedication.

RE: Absolutely. This is my favorite secret organization of all the ones I can mention in present company.

DGW: Thank you for your time, Robert Emmett. Been lovely chatting and hope this motivates a few people to order the book directly from you.

RE: Thanks for doing this Don! Absolute pleasure. I’ll do it again anytime. Thank you so much for the continued support!

DGW: You’re welcome, friend.

Back On The Air. New Book Announcement.

I will be back on the air with the always fabulous Flabby Hoffman on June 13th! 1680 AM in Chicago or worldwide

You don’t want to miss this one! I will be using this opportunity to break the news about my NEW BOOK!

Including: What it’s called, what it’s all about, when it comes out, where you can get it, and what you need to do in the meantime to prepare yourself for it’s imminent arrival.

Join the Facebook event page. Keep up to date with details, and be reminded when to tune in!

In Case You Missed It: Flabby Hoffman Show From The Archive

Back in September I was a guest on the Flabby Hoffman Extravagonzo! The show is now up on in case you slept in first time around. I show up right at the :59 minute mark. The whole show is pretty funny but do be warned it is about as raunchy as you can get on broadcast radio.


Tune In 9/27: Flabby Hoffman’s Radio Extravagonzo

Hey Kids! I would like to invite everyone to tune in to Flabby Hoffman’s Radio Extravagonzo on Saturday, September 27th at 1:00 PM Central Time. I will be a guest on the show, live on the air, chatting about Meowing On The Answering Machine and whatever other madness brews between Mr. Hoffman and myself.

The show is broadcast live and available at 1680 on your AM dial from strategically positioned locations around Chicagoland. It is also webcast on Q4 Radio at for global availability.

For more on Flabby Hoffman, his Radio Extravagonzo and all his other efforts in making the Chicago artist’s scene that much weirder, please visit

Radio Free Albemuth- Interview with John Alan Simon Part 1

rfaposterPart One of my interview with John Alan Simon, writer/director/producer of Radio Free Albemuth, is now live on Word of the Nerd:

The movie is based on the novel by Philip K Dick, and premieres in theaters today! Check for showtimes and locations and all other details!


Ancient of Days with Tessa B. Dick

Hey folks! Just learned that this coming Monday, May 19, Tessa B Dick will be replaying her interview with me on her Ancient of Days radio show. We talked about my book, Meowing on the Answering Machine, and veered off into numerous, assorted topics– cats, Philip K Dick, aliens, linguistics…

Tune in Monday at 3 PM PST/ 6 PM EST

It was an absolute pleasure to be on the show, Tessa is one of the biggest supporters of my book, a fact that still leaves me reeling.
aRFAbannerIn other PKD related news, I have a new article on Word of the Nerd about the imminent theatrical release of Radio Free Albemuth

John Alan Simon, writer, director and producer of the film, was kind enough to sit down for a chat. We talked about making the film, our shared reverence for PKD, and of course veered off into only-slightly-related tangents. Look for the interview as we get a little closer to June 27.

Word of the Nerd: Radio Free Albemuth – June 27th

RFA-fromthemindI have a new article this morning on The Word Of The Nerd Online. Radio Free Albemuth, the lastest Philip K. Dick film adaptation, is set to hit theaters June 27th. Discovery Films has released a new extended trailer which gives a pretty decent glimpse at the movie. I’m really looking forward to this one. It could be the one that finally gets PKD right.

The film’s writer, producer and director, John Alan Simon, was kind enough to sit down and chat with me. We talk about the film, his approach to writing, and all points in between. It was a great conversation and only bolstered my excitement for the film. Look for the interview soon. It will be coming to The Word Of The Nerd Online as we get a little closer to go time.…27-new-trailer/



On the Air with Tessa B Dick


Meowing on the Radio First of all thank you to those of you who tuned in. It was a lot of fun from my end, although I did find myself more nervous than I thought I would be. 

The link at the top of the page will open the archive where you can hear the complete show. It was an honor to be on Freedomizer Radio with Tessa B. Dick. More than a straight and formal interview it was more like a conversation with a friend, a few friends at the end.

We did talk about my book but we touched on a lot of subjects as we veered through the stratosphere of available topics. I was surprised and delighted we talked as much as we did about Philip K Dick and his work, especially to hear a few new twists on the tales and aspects of the stories I hadn’t heard before, and direct from the source!

Thanks to everyone who called in, Sara your book is on its way, I do hope you enjoy! I expect a full report! And multiple thanks again to Tessa for this and all the support you have granted me in this adventure.



Radio-Meow-C300HOWDY KIDS!

I’m really excited for this one! Next Monday, March 3rd at 3:00 pm (pacific), I will be on FREEDOMIZER RADIO with Tessa B. Dick talking about ‘Meowing on the Answering Machine’ and whatever else weaves its way into the conversation.

I am honored to be invited, I am very much looking forward to this. Hope you all can tune in. Leave work early and send the kids outside to play in the snow.

Tune in next Monday March 3rd.
3pm (california), 5pm (chicago), 6pm (new york)