Meowing Trailer #2

The second teaser trailer for Meowing on the Answering Machine…

MEOWING Trailer #2

Meowing Trailer #1

MEOWING Trailer #1

Rave Reviews for MEOWING

MEOWthumbSome very positive reviews have been coming in for MEOWING ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE. I really want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the book, and especially those who take the extra step and write a review. These customer reviews are more precious to we writers than almost anything else. And it’s not only a stroking-of-the-ego, so much of the average readers decision on whether to try out a new book or not can often be persuaded by the opinions of others, especially their peers; what another ‘average reader’ thinks of the book often carries more weight than the opinion of a professional critic or reviewer.

If you have read please take a few minutes and write a review for AMAZON or GOODREADS or both and others and more. I will be forever grateful!

What folks are saying:

Extraordinary wit and imagination! (5 out of 5 stars)
CRies — February 13, 2014
Highlighting a crazy cast of characters, this collection of stores emotes beautifully with a distinct twist of outrageous. At times, I found myself laughing out loud, and others, giggling at the absurdities. The authenticity of the artwork and the clarity of the writing are a reflection of both the author’s unique creative side and the gift of an extraordinary imagination. I am both enlightened and inspired! Fun read.
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5 of 5 stars
Cindy — February 05, 2014
I loved this book. All the off the wall stories reminded me of all the weird and off the wall dreams I have and wish that I could remember enough to put on paper. I am glad I won this one and will be passing it along to others to enjoy it. I hope to read more from this author.
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Short Stories Spun Strangely/ Slightly Silly/ Spell Weaving
(5 out of 5 stars) — Sherry — January 15, 2014
This book is stuffed spine to spine with bizarre, fascinating, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable short stories spun strangely/slightly silly/ spell weaving. Witty+ wise and wise+cracking, Hilarious in a subtle, subversive way. There is a remote chance the author is only slightly deranged. But i make you no promises.
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Thanks Everyone!

The Penultimate Blog Post

The State of My YouTube Address:

Game Over, Insert New Brain to Continue.

Game Over: Insert New Brain

Game Over: Insert New Brain

The year winds down once again, but before we slip apart and make our way to the various parties and interventions, I’d like to say a few words and reconnect a few loose ends.

It turned out to be a spectacular year after a slow, apprehensive start. I want to thank everyone who finds themselves on this page reading my weird little tales. Those of you who revisit especially, the follows and the comments are the best encouragement to continue on this path.

Meowing on the Answering Machine is almost ready to unveil. There is a preview you can read, but this will soon be replaced with a cleaner preview of the actual final product.

I will be offering advance copies for review very soon, and will most likely be looking for beta readers as well. Check your calendar and watch this space.

I’ll be back to posting new stuff here on a semi-regular basis once the book is able to walk on its own. We just about hit the halfway point with Aftermarket Soul as well, and I think that may be the next one up for offering. However I am not yet certain if it only needs a polish and a good edit or if it needs major surgery and an extensive rewriting of the bulk of the book.

But that is, of course, another story for another time. As they say, one book at a time, but write your screenplays in trilogies.

Happy whatever where ever you are, don’t forget to have your calendars changed and rotated, and we will all meet again one day, at Denny’s.