Meowing Trailer #2

The second teaser trailer for Meowing on the Answering Machine…

MEOWING Trailer #2

Tessa Dick reviews MEOWING on

Check out Tessa B. Dick’s review of my book, I couldn’t make it any better even with limitless bribe money and ghost writing the review myself. Looking forward to being on her show this Monday, doubly so now!

Meowing Trailer #1

MEOWING Trailer #1

The Haunted Awful Lake

The sky was a still, dense gray, and it always seemed too quiet out there. Nothing lived in those waters. Well, almost nothing. It was a continuous struggle to pull the boat through the thick brack, but the closer we got to the little island in the middle, the more anxious we grew to get out of that boat, that haunted, awful lake.


At War withe Spiders (video and comic)

‘When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Turn Pro’
~Hunter S. Thompson

At War with the Spiders on YouTube

I’ve been playing around with this little cartoon sequence for ‘At War withe Spiders.’ The whole thing started merely as an idea for a promo for ‘Meowing on the Answering Machine,’ which is where the ‘Spiders’ story comes from.

So far I have attempted a video version with a few different bits of music behind it, some spookier than rhythmic, others more disturbing than expermental, but I think I found the one that is JUST right. This is the one I am liking the best for now, it uses a section of the second movement of ‘Lost at Sea in the Electric Desert.’

spider-title Spiders1-txt
Spiders2-txt Spiders3-txt
Spiders4-txt Spiders5-txt
Spiders6-txt spider7-txt
spider8 Spidernew9
SpidernewA SpidernewA-credits