Quantum Eraser

Quantum Eraser

Quantum Eraser

You’ve returned with a quantum eraser, a strange muddy mess of particles, a subatomic demagnetizer. You rub it against my mouth.

“That should shut you up for a while,” you wink a ruthless grin.

I find a crayon and draw a mouth as fast as possible before I suffocate.

“эюЯᴔЂᴟбЪ!” comes out of the new orifice. I’ve drawn it sideways or skewed somehow.

You rub your eraser to my face. But I keep drawing new mouths as frantically as I can.

I’ve got a half dozen holes in my head, all babbling chaos at you, before you regroup and erase my hands.


Black Holes

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF An illustrated guide detailing steps you can take to safeguard your family from random stellar outbursts and galactic collapse.