The Overpass

overpassgirlAnchored to this parking lot,
Where crisp snow piles on window ledges
Like kaleidoscopes of sunlight,
Or a spectrum for your head.
You’ll look out from your bedroom,
as I stumble with the keys.
Will you walk me to the overpass
when I’m crumbling to my knees?

Staring down the frozen river,
You’ll elevate the spectacle.
And I’m not going to argue,
It’s like they’ve always said,
When it rains, you see red,
When it snows, you’ll see where you have been.

Pull through and see,
That these seas aren’t quite as black
As the mud inside your head,
And you’ll never walk again.

Snoring and ignorant,
You refuse to meet me,
Our words are whispered into lampshades,
Growing dustier and yellow.

Go home and scream.
There’s no one here you can tell it to,
And what do you do?
But hope the rocking chairs
Don’t turn to reminisce.

Rolling and rolling,
Out of controlling.

You spin,
You begin in your spin,
To begin to retrace,
The face you’re replacing,
Pasting new memories within.

And once it would have worked,
And yes, I guess our stars,
Still happen to align.

And I know, and I know, and I know
And I hate to remember how that song went,
The one they say we sung,
But I can’t recall it any longer,
And you never knew the words.

But we tried to sing along.
And I’ll try to recognize
Your handwriting,
Against all the works of history,
And masterpieces forged.

Dreaming of the frigid water,
You’ll celebrate the evacuation.
And I swear I won’t get sick again.
It’s not like they never said,
When it goes, it goes your way,
Until you blink and it goes away,
And it’s the only thing you’ve known.

Angled into this unmarked spot,
At dawn the snow begins to melt
Transmission from our yellow star
The buzz informs you who you are,
As it creeps in through the window,
and I crumble to my knees.
Will you walk me to the overpass
Where we can drown this old disease?

The Cal Sag

calsagtrailIf you need me
I’ll be selling life insurance at the porn shop
I’ll be buying fake drugs from a bad cop
I’ll be waiting for other shoe to drop
at the sock hop

If you need me, yeah if you need me
If you need me, then I need you

But if you’re leaving
You can pack up all your memories in your pink bag
Forget them as you dump them into the Cal Sag
Tell me exactly when I became a drag
with your Red Flag

Robert Emmett Get It Together (2010)

If you’re leaving, yeah, get out if you’re leaving
If you’re leaving, I’m leaving too

So if you need me
When you’re cleaning your old corners with some new mop
and you’re sipping on a cool drink with your hot cop
and you’re looking for a way just to make it stop
Go out on top

If you’re leaving, yeah if you’re leaving
If you’re leaving, I’ll leave with you

© Robert Emmett McWhorter/
Published by Hermetic
Medical Records (ASCAP)