Word of the Nerd Review: Smorgasbord Squad #1

cover1My review of Smorgasbord Squad #1 for The Word of the Nerd Online.

” [The] story telling is is funny and absurd…  We jump into the story and figure out quick that we better hold on tight – this is a wild, weird ride… The artwork and wild plot twists should appeal to youngsters. It is sophisticated and intelligent enough for adults to enjoy as well…”

Read my full review: http://www.wordofthenerdonline.com/review-smorgasbord-squad-1

Postcards from the End of the World

A new series for the twentieth anniversary of Postcards from the End of the World by B. Slogan, the  mad/opus masterpiece from last days of the last century. Recently unearthed texts all us to present the complete text for the first time ever, and I will be dissecting the texts and providing background information and extensive study notes and annotation.


Dali Saving Time


DALI SAVING TIME — Spring Ahead — Salvador Re- Calibrates His Moustache For The New Season

(work in progress- pass 3).
Check back in a couple days, this should be in full color.

The Musicians

Run DMC Escher

Run DMC Escher

Perpetual Piano

Perpetual Piano

Accordion And On

Accordion And On

Pneumatic Pump Theramin

Pneumatic Pump Theramin

Tambor-Dreamsphere & The One Hand Clapping

Tambor-Dreamsphere & The One Hand Clapping

The Born Bass Player

The Born Bass Player

Ten Scenes from MEOWING

OK! This is turning into a rather large project now, here are all TEN of them. I have a few more up my sleeve still, so stay tuned.

Each of these is a scene from a story from my collection, MEOWING ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE, which is available absolutely everywhere, in paperback and ebook. Folks who have read it and still maintain the ability to communicate are giving it rave reviews! Saying things like, “This looks like a real book!” and “Stay crunchy in milk!”

All the cool kids are doing it!!! Get your copy today!!!

The Bird Foley Vortex



©Robert Emmett McWhorter

This is a piece that sat unfinished for a long, long time. The pencil sketch, and pen and ink were completed in 2010, I believe, and some smatterings of color were added a little at a time. A black and white version of this work appears in Meowing on the Answering Machine.
It was such a chore to get the first parts of this done, I was still under some sort of curse that made producing any visual artworks a tedious and dreadful undertaking for a good decade or two.
That weight, that dread, has lifted, but I can’t say why or where it went. But, I’m glad it left. Most of the coloring for this piece over the last three or four days.


The Born Bass Player


Horse-Faucet Remains

Horse Faucet RemainsThe sweaty fog of delusion hung over the ancient bones and fossil caves. Six erections and a batch of wristwatch clams stuck sweetly in Horse-faucet’s coat pocket., he stapled the ransom note to his forehead and strode into the bar.

He spoke liquid words that stirred the dust of a dozen sleeping drunkards. Dentist was nowhere to be seen. He was in fact on hiatus, trekking the egg yolks of dilapidated villas and the recycled law enforcement strategies which had battered many a poor man.

The sun fell swiftly like two large omelets skiing naked in a carbonated water bag. Horse-Faucet knew the meaning of the word facilitate, but often confused erotic with exotic. He spent too much time in pet shops and smelled of sleep… bad sleep.

Just as the last train was turning its oars toward the ocean, Horse-Faucet found himself face to freckle with the impeccable shot of Dentist’s long arm. Time stood still, the air was so stiff you could get rug-burn just thinking of pork. Paper-cuts flew left and right, when the steam cleared and frogs settled in for the winter. Dentist lay dampened and Horse-faucet was gone, never to be thought of again.

(recently recovered in an anarcheological dig within my closet, the notebook it was extracted from has been carbonation dated circa 1991)