For quite a while I have been inventing new words. Often this is achieved by placing two words in a participle accelerator and smashing them into each other at astonishing speeds. Others are formed of necessity, or nuisicity.*

For now these words will be considered as English, but once I have gathered sufficient diction of my own, I plan to secede and start a brand new language of my own.


Amen’t /AM- ∂nt/A conjuction of Am Not. One of my first original words, this
one was invented out of necessity for the chorus of Mosquitohead,
which required a two syllable negative declaration as such.

Atacolypse /uh- TAH- koe- lips/  n. A feeling brought on by eating too much Mexican food, when you fear — or maybe hope — that the world is about to end.


Cafelalia /Ka- f∂-LAY-lee- ya/ n. A form of glossolalia (speaking in tongues)
induced by high levels of caffeine, coffee.

Coprocephalic /Ko-prow-see-FAL-∂k/ adj. (copro- [pertaining to dung, feces] +
cephalic [pertaining to the head])
The quality in someone or something
of being a shit-head.


Fud /FÜD/ Informal derivative of Food. See also: Sammich


Impostrophe /Im-PAHS-trow-fee/ n. (imposter + apostrophe) An apostrophe
where one shouldn’t be.

/IN-ter-naut/ n. (inter [internet] + naut [nautes (gr.)= sailor,
voyager, traveler])
An explorer of the internet. A person who spends
much time online, or whose primary social interactions
are conducted electronically.

Intergarten /IN-ter-gar-ten/ n. (internet+kindergarten) part internet, part
kindergarten. You’re online, I’m sure you can provide an
appropriate reference.


Nexaggerate /neks-AJ-er-ayt/ v. (n + exxagerate) understating something to a
laughable extreme. (Hyperbole in reverse.) “There are many choices
of CD-R/RW and recordable DVD drives on the market today. They’re
generally easy to install, and many can be found for under US $100
in retail computer stores.” This is old news now… they’re about $20
new… hence the reverse exaggeration…
Thank you to Acffh Morst for this entry and example. Here’s another:
The guy who falls off his bar stool or is hanging onto the lawn for dear
life who, when asked if he is completely wasted, answers ‘I’ve had
a drink.’ This is an utter nexaggeration.


Obnoxicity /ob-nok-SI-si-tee/ adj.  ¹- A measure or quality of obnoxiousness.
²- Obnoxious to the point of toxicity. Dangerously obnoxious.

Observate /OB-ser-vayt/ v. To aggravate by observation. Such as a boss might
cause you to falter by watching over your shoulder. Also has implications
in quantum mechanics in the phenomenon of wave/particle duality
where the state can be influenced by whether anyone is watching.


Sammich /SAM-ijh/ n. Informal derivative of a Sandwich, which is carefully
and lovingly prepared, with perfectly toasted bread,and a balanced
selection of meats, vegetables and cheese, a well balanced orchestration of
tastes and textures, enhanced and and brought together with spices and sauce.
On the other hand, slapping two slices of bread together, with a globular
smearing of peanut butter and jelly, is a ‘sammich’.zzzzzzz


Vitriola /vi-tree-OH-la/ n. An antique sort of wind up, 78 rpm hate machine.

Zudswackxomnebplight /(no pronunciation)/ onomatopoeia v. unable to speak,
having no words. As in “I don’t know what to say, that film left me zudswckxomnebplighted.”
The key to pronouncing this word is remembering that all the letters are
silent; z from zoetrope, rendezous; u from colleague, guess; d from Wednesday,
sandwich; s from island, debris; w from sword, answer; a from artistically,
logically; c from muscle, scissors; k from knife, knight; x from faux pas; o
from colonel; b from crumbs, debt; m from mnemonic; n from autumn, column;
p from coup, psychology; l from would, should; e from breathe, psyche;
i from business; g from gnaw, high; h from honest, ghost; and t from castle,
gourmet. So if you pronounce it properly the listener will think
you have trailed off…

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