Full Album Track
    1.That Is Why I am Glad
    2.Tasting Metallic
    3.Get Back Into Shape
    4. The Mouse of Your Soul
    5. Spen to En
    6. We Carry On
    7. You Might Want to Know
    8. Apart at the Seams
    9. Leper Trumpeter

STUNT PUDDLES • Burning Down the Couch
(2008, 9 songs, CD)

My computer woke up one day, looked around, and declared, “I absolutely am! And that is why I am glad.”

All the songs are sung by various speech programs, half the songs (odd numbered) have lyrics lifted from those oddly-worded, computer-generated, spam emails.

You know those emails we all used to get. At first glance they look a quickly jotted personal note, but upon further reading turn out to be gibberish, random half phrases and broken metaphors.

There are a few instances of real guitar and bass, but even some of these are looped and or manipulated, otherwise all the instrumentation is virtual, more programmed than performed.

Guaranteed to induce paranoia.

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