Selected Playlist
        The End of the World Song
     bonus: You Don’t Have To Go (4.17.94)MOSQUITOHEAD
Live at Biddy Mulligans 12.03.93

(1994, 11 songs, cassette, later CD, limited)

1 bull$h!t
2 Low (Cracker)
3 Pixies Rip-off
4 Lighthouse
5 The End of the World Song
6 Jalapeno Bridge
7 Jenny’s Song
8 Coneheads
9 SnakePig
10 Slim Jim
11 Mosquitohead

Almost twenty years later, this disc, this show stands as the best representation of what Mosquitohead was and why it was such a big deal.

We had hit our stride, we were playing often on a slew of stages, becoming as focused and tight as circumstances would allow. This recording captures the band at their peak in front of a growing, exuberant crowd, captured to cassette from the soundboard of this legendary venue.




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