creationist space


One thought on “creationist space

  1. Sherry Carroll says:

    Reblogged this on It's a bird! Its a plane! No, It's the Shiny Happy Sherry Fairy and commented:
    LOL Robert strikes again! And, as always right on target. That is, if the target was straight through the funny bone right to a soft spot in your skull and deep into the weirdest part of the brain. I’m not really sure if he is an evil genius or ingeniously evil. Or if he just has a few screws loose and his wiring isn’t quite up to code and was installed by a blind man wearing wooly mittens for the lowest bid on the project. But I think his work speaks for itself. Creep very carefully into his odd little world, just watch out for the spiders and if you lucky you come out with a fashionable flip- top head and your brain on a leash.

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